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Great successes require the right balance between strategic direction and creative energy, and it can never be culminated with a single effort that focuses on a single objective. In 2010, AUBMC launched its ambitious and comprehensive 2020 Vision that affirms AUBMC’s position as the leading medical center and healthcare institution in Lebanon and the region. The Vision centered on transforming medical education, research and practice, and most importantly, medical care by bringing them to new and advanced levels of excellence. It consisted of providing patients with the highest standards of patient-centered care, recruitment of top-caliber, highly specialized, and accomplished faculty, establishment of clinical and research centers of excellence, investment in state-of-the-art equipment and supporting the health of local and regional patients in need by ensuring their access to health in addition to setting the ground for major new medical (clinical and academic) facilities to meet the needs of the people of Lebanon and the region.


Six years after the launching of the vision and after extensive and relentless work, AUBMC is proud to present the Halim and Aida Daniel Academic and Clinical Center (Daniel ACC), an ultramodern center that boasts innovative technology. The Daniel ACC’s strengths’ will be synergy and integration in the clinical, academic, and research missions for AUB; it will create an environment that enables academic medicine by consolidating aspects of the Schools of Medicine and Nursing with outpatient programs all in one building.

Research. Education. Patient Care. These main pillars are the testament to our ambition. We have always contributed to medical progress by playing a pivotal role in shaping and improving patient care and providing the highest quality of healthcare to patients in Lebanon and the region. AUBMC’s quest for excellence is limitless and its commitment is never ending. The establishment of the Daniel ACC is another affirmation of our passionate pursuit of excellence in healthcare and medical education.

I am forever grateful for the investment and support of AUB leadership, for the loyalty and commitment of our dedicated faculty and staff and for the patience and understanding of our community. You invested in a dream, and it has paid incredible dividends.