ACC | Evidence-Based Healthcare Management Unit (EHMU)
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Evidence-Based Healthcare Management Unit (EHMU)

About us


The mission of the Evidence-Based Healthcare Management Unit (EHMU) is to generate knowledge and evidence that is necessary for the effective and efficient application of management principles within the healthcare industry.



The unit’s vision is to become a facilitating hub in the region for knowledge generation and service improvement using evidence-based healthcare management.



EMHU is a cross-disciplinary research unit based in the Faculty of Medicine (FM) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) and includes members from Olayan School of Business (OSB), Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), Hariri School of Nursing (HSON), Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (FEA), and the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). Launched in 2010, EHMU aims to contribute to the development and improvement and strengthening of management and leadership in healthcare settings through the promotion of evidence-based decision making both academically and practically.
Our mission and vision are aligned with AUB’s inter-disciplinary focus as well as AUBMC’s 2020 Vision to improve the delivery of healthcare. We do so through collaborations among faculty members with different areas of expertise to promote the replacement of conventional wisdom in managerial decision making with research-based facts that lead to better informed decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels.

Faculty and Staff

Lina Daouk-Öyry, PhD-Director

Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior at OSB

Bacel Maddah, PhD
Associate Professor at FEA, Engineering Management Program

Bizhan Azad, PhD
Associate Professor in Business Information & Decision Systems at OSB

Charlotte Karam, PhD
Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior at OSB  

Dania Baba Wazzan, PhD
Chief Planning and Transition Officer at AUBMC

Ghassan Hamadeh, MD

CMIO, Associate Dean IT, CME, and Professor & Chair, Family Medicine

Mohamad Alameddine, PhD
Associate Professor at FHS and Chairman of the Health Management and Policy Department  

Nuhad Yazbik Dumit, PhD
Assistant Professor at SoN   

Shadi Saleh, PhD

Professor of Health Systems and Financing, and Associate Vice President for Health Affairs

Farah Ali Otaki, MPH- HMP, CPH
Offshore Researcher 

Norr Hassan, MPH- HMP
Unit Coordinator 

Line Reda, BA-MBA
Business Analyst  

Rawan Ghazzawi, BA-MHRM

Tina Sahakian, BA-MA



Research Partnership

EHMU is a cross-disciplinary research unit, based in the Faculty of Medicine (FM) at the American University of Beirut that fosters collaboration between departments and faculties at AUB and other universities and hospitals.

EHMU aims at encouraging cross –disciplinary research by amalgamating the diverse areas of expertise and applying them into the healthcare sector.

Faculty members, from all faculties at AUB and other institutions can contact us should they wish to conduct non-clinical research.


Management Support

We provide evidence-based solutions to management operations at AUBMC and the wider healthcare sector.

The purpose is to promote, through research and training, decision-making in management that is based on the best current evidence while taking into account the needs and values of the parties involved. Departments at AUBMC can contact us should they need assistance in making better and more informed managerial decisions



We mentor post-graduate students (AUB or non-AUB) and interns interested in projects related to healthcare management.

Graduate students, interns and volunteers interested in developing their skills in health management research can contact us. We also provide candidates with training and development opportunities. EHMU also offers volunteers experience in various aspects of evidence-based healthcare management research.


Development Services

We provide development services for the healthcare community at large, in which EHMU assists hospitals to focus on their deficiencies and guide them through the process of quality improvement.

Hospitals in Lebanon and the Middle East can contact us should they need assistance in making better and more informed managerial decisions.

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